PKP Intercity, the Polish railway company, has announced that a train with special Apm61 Pano carriages featuring panoramic windows almost from floor to ceiling will operate for the first time in Poland.

train with panoramic windows

The train will run between the Austrian city of Graz and the Polish city of Przemyśl, passing through Vienna and Krakow. The service will commence on June 11th, according to Railway Supply magazine, as reported by CTS.

The company emphasizes that to enjoy the views through the panoramic windows, passengers should purchase a ticket for the first class.

The journey from Krakow to Przemyśl aboard the unique IC 104 Porta Moravica train will take approximately three hours.

train with panoramic windows

The train departs from Krakow at 14:04. First-class tickets will cost 81 Polish zlotys (equivalent to 720 Ukrainian hryvnias), while the price for second class will be 53 Polish zlotys (equivalent to 470 Ukrainian hryvnias).

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