In 2022 it is planned to reconstruct about 300 km of railways in Serbia (for comparison, in 2021 – 450 km). According to the Serbian Railway Infrastructure Company, modernization work has begun on the 108-kilometer-long Novi Sad-Subotica section of the Novi Sad-Subotica-Kelebija line.

In 2022 Serbia will reconstruct 300 km of railways
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A new pedestrian tunnel is being built at the Novi Sad station, which is also under reconstruction. The complete reconstruction of the Novi Sad-Kelebia line is planned to be completed in November 2024, informs Railway Supply magazine.

The modernization of the Jainci-Mila Krishna line (68.8 km) as part of the Pan-European Railway Corridor X, which runs through Serbia, is nearing completion. In September 2021, work began on the section Nis – Brestovac, which is part of the corridor between Nis and Presevo.

Eight reinforced concrete bridges are under construction, including the longest (180 m) across the South Morava River in the Dolevat municipality. After the reconstruction would be completed in June 2023, the speed here will increase to 120 km/h. From October 2021 restoration works are being carried out on the Khorgosh-Bachky section (3.6 km of the Subotica-Khorgosh line, 26.6 km long). The line will be electrified, and the speed will also increase to 120 km/h.

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In March 2022, 4 years after the start of work, commercial operation of the Belgrade-Novi Sad line (75 km) will begin.

Applications for the tender for the construction of a 17 km long Stalac-Dunic tunnel on the Belgrade-Nis line are currently being considered. Tender procedures are underway to participate in the modernization of the Nis-Dimitrovgrad line.

Documentation is being prepared for the reconstruction of another 720 km of railway tracks in the next few years, including such sections as Sichovo – Dimitrovgrad bypassing Nis, Stalach – Dunish, Valevo – Vrbnytsia, Beli Potik – Vincha – Pancevo, Troops – Velyka Plana – Nis – Presevo – the border of Serbia with Northern Macedonia, as well as Stara Pazova – Sid.

Over 750 km of lines have been completed in Serbia over the past 7 years.

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