Hyperloop technology: New speed record – 1019 km/h!

South Korea: test capsule of vacuum train was accelerated to the speed over 1000 km/h. This is a new speed record! Earlier Virgin Hyperloop executives Josh Giegel (CTO) and Sara Luchian (Passenger Operations Director) became the first passengers to hit 172 km/h at the DevLoop Proving Ground in Las Vegas, Nevada., and now a new event and a new success for the Korean National Railway Corporation KORAIL, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» referring corporation website.

Hyperloop technology
Picture: KORAIL

Hyperloop technology becomes more than a reality! The prototype of the Korean National Railway Corporation KORAIL – Hyper Tube had a scale of 1:17, it is a fairly compact capsule. A pressure of 0.001 atm (about 100 Pa) was created in the test tube, which made it possible to achieve an impressive speed. In fact, both the speed and the pressure are already very close to those that should be in the serial implementation.

KORAIL plans to begin construction of the Hyperloop commercial line in 2022, connecting Seoul and Busan, with completion in 2024.

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