High-speed train Kharkiv-Dnipro has already transported more than 3 thousand passengers Express between cities with a population of over one million Kharkiv – Dnipro runs for a little more than a week, and has already become a hit among passengers.

Скоростной поезд Харьков-Днепр

More than 3 thousand passengers have already chosen to travel by rail between million-plus cities, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Southern Railway.

There have already been several attempts to launch rail links between these cities, but trains have not been popular, mainly due to inconvenient arrival and departure times for most passengers.

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Ukrzaliznytsya took into account the previous experience and developed the most convenient timetable for this route. Train 793/794 Kharkov – Dnepr departs at 6:51 from Kharkov and arrives in Dnepr at 10:30. In the opposite direction, it departs at 18:33 and at 22:16 already in Kharkov. The mirror train 795/796 Dnipro – Kharkiv departs from Dnipro at 6:23 and returns to Kharkiv at 18:31. Now residents of Lozovaya, Pavlograd, Sinelnikov can quickly, inexpensively and conveniently get to the necessary regional centers.


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