Experimental tests of the new Stadler train started in Belarus

The Belarusian Railways, together with the Stadler Minsk company, have started pilot tests of the first five-car electric train of business-class interregional lines (EPM). This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the press center of the Belarusian Railways.

tests of the new Stadler train
Picturte: Belarusian Railway

The contract for the supply of 10 five-car electric trains of the EPM series  between the Belarusian Railways and the Stadler Minsk company was signed in January 2019. The delivery of the first three trains to Belarusian Railways is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. These trains are planned to be operated on the electrified sections of the Belarusian Railway that are most demanded by passengers.

To prepare for the organization of regular traffic, it is necessary to conduct braking and functional tests, an assessment of the impact on the track, verification of compliance with the requirements for electrical equipment, fire and environmental safety. The test run of the electric train must be at least 5000 km.

The base model for the development of new five-car electric trains has become the EPM series seven-car electric trains, which have been successfully running on the Belarusian Railway since August 2016 on the Minsk-Gomel route.

The maximum speed of the new five-car electric trains is 160 km/h. The train has 262 seats for 1st and 2nd class. Electric trains are equipped with air conditioners with the function of air treatment with ultraviolet lamps. In addition, it provides access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), as well as strengthening the GSM signal.

Cooperation of the Belarusian Railway with the Stadler Rail Group (Switzerland) began in 2010, when the first contract was signed. At present, Belarusian Railways operates 18 electric trains of this manufacturer.


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