Deutsche Bahn is implementing a system that will show how full regional trains are. This will help passengers to approach in advance the place on the platform where the railcar with a larger number of empty seats will stop. The system has already been launched as a pilot for S-Bahn trains, and the carrier plans to expand the system with additional connections. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to Nakolei.


If passengers board less loaded railcars, trains will be able to depart on time. This, in turn, will make better use of the capacity of the railway network. The entire system is ready and will be launched in stages over the coming months, according to Deutsche Bahn.

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The whole system is based on counters installed on the doors of the cars, but there are also track devices that scan the railcars from the outside. The data is processed by the system and information is provided through the displays on the platforms and in the Deutsche Bahn mobile app.

By the end of 2024, the system will operate more than 1,500 DB Regio cars, i.e. a quarter of all DB trains in regional transport.

The system has been pilot tested since mid-2022 on the S-Bahn network in Hamburg. The system currently operates on lines S6, S60 and S62 in Stuttgart and on lines S21 and S31 in Hamburg. From February, the system will be launched on regional train routes RE8 and RE80 between Hamburg and Lübeck.

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