Ahead of celebrating 30 years of dynamic and trusting relations, Kazakhstan and the European Union see digital connectivity as one of the most powerful bridges connecting West and East across Central Asia, as well as a sustainable tool to access this strategic location with huge market and resource potential. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Travel Tomorrow.


On December 14, the leaders of three major Kazakhstani Internet associations, politicians and EU companies gathered at the Brussels Press Club to discuss further cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan in the field of its digital transformation and possible framework for future partnership.

Digitalization is a powerful tool for the future development of Kazakhstan. It is assumed that in 10 years up to 70% of products will be created on digital platforms.

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Deploying satellites to Central Asia to increase its connectivity is part of the EU Global Gateway project’s Team Europe Initiative (TEI) on Digital Connectivity. The Team Europe Initiative on Digital Connectivity will enhance Central Asian businesses and citizens’ access to a secure, internet through trusted satellite connectivity. Earth stations with integrated Internet Exchange Points and Green Data Centres will be positioned across the territory of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, linking to existing broadband infrastructure.

Along with investment in infrastructure, the EU will promote reforms in digital governance, including in the telecommunications sector, in the areas of personal data protection, cybersecurity and respect for human rights, bringing high EU standards and best practices to the region in line with its digital diplomacy.

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