Clients of “KTZ” arrange railway transportation online

Kazakhstan Railways has issued over 4.3 million shipping documents in the Automated Contractual and Commercial Work Management System (ACS DKR), reports railway magazine Railway Supply referring to the press service of KTZ-Freight Transportation LLP

arrange railway transportation online

“There are no analogues of this system in the CIS. It enables the consignor to arrange transportation online without leaving his office, which significantly reduces the time for paperwork. The system eliminates the human factor and bureaucratic procedures. Its main task is to ensure a complete transition to the electronic format, which will become the basis for the creation of a Single Digital Window, ”the press service said.

It is also noted that since 2013, an automated control system for energy dispatch traction (ACS EDT) has been operating. With its help they record the working hours of locomotive crews and compare the actual consumption of diesel fuel and electricity. Last year, the system processed about 1.2 million driver’s electronic routes, which is 97.6% of the total number of formed ones. This year, the task was set to bring this figure to 100%.


Digital railway

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