ArcelorMittal Poland invests in the development of a plant in Chorzów. The company recently allocated 27 million zlotys for the production of new, innovative rail profiles, which are not yet available in Poland. In addition, the Chorzów branch received a mechanical rail marking machine and a new measuring and control unit.

ArcelorMittal Poland starts production of innovative rail profiles
Picture: ArcelorMittal Poland

The company is expanding its catalog of products for the railway industry with new profiles, which will be sold to Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia under the INNOSTAL program implemented by the National Research and Development Center, which improves competitiveness and innovation in the Polish steel industry, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Raport Kolejowy.

In Chorzów, the technology for the production of three innovative railway rails was developed.

“The first rail profile (MAV48) produced under the INNOSTAL project is intended for the railways of Hungary. It has the specific cross-sectional dimensions required by the local market”, emphasizes Tomasz Zygmunt, Research and Development Manager, ArcelorMittal Poland. The first batch of rails of this type has already reached Hungary.

UZ announced a tender for the purchase of rails and frogs in the amount of UAH 154 million

The second profile (P50) is specially made for the needs of the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This project was not easy, because the rails had to be manufactured according to special requirements – the section of the rails according to the Russian standard and the specification according to the European standards.

The last type of rails implemented under the INNOSTAL program is rails (50E2), which will be exported to Belgium and the Netherlands.

UZ plans to purchase almost 44 thousand tons of rails

“We are investing in our plant in Chorzów because the assortment produced here is in demand by buyers in European markets. This is why we are developing new rail profiles to meet the needs of our customers in the rail industry”, says Sanjay Samaddar, President and CEO of ArcelorMittal Poland.


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