Spanish rail infrastructure operator Adif has signed a €1.6 billion contract with national energy company Endesa Energía to supply green electricity for train traction on a public transport network. In addition, Endesa Energía won a €109.5 million tender and Iberdrola won a €31.1 million tender to supply electricity from renewable sources to power non-train facilities, including passenger stations and freight terminals. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to zdmira.


The supplied electricity must be obtained from renewable sources with proof of origin. The first contract can be extended by 2 years, and the other two by one year. The contract amounts reflect only the cost of electricity and do not include fees for access to its transmission and distribution networks.

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In 2022, energy consumption for train traction on conventional and high-speed Adif lines was 2,409 GWh, compared to 2,106 GWh in 2021. The increase is primarily due to an increase in traffic volumes driven by the liberalization of the passenger market and the emergence of new operators. Non-train power consumption increased to 286 GWh in 2022 from 241 GWh in 2021. Electricity supply during the contract period is estimated at 7,547 and 720 GWh, respectively.

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