Activists of environmental organizations Greenpeace and Elokapina blocked a train with coal from the Russian Federation in the Finnish city of Hanko.

Train with coal

The railway magazine Railway Supply writes about this with reference to RZD-Partner.RZD-Partner.

“In Hanko, activists blocked the railway leading to the port of Koverhaar and blocked the path of a coal train that was heading there,” the report said.

It is noted that we are talking about the cargo of the Russian company Sibanthracite, intended for shipment from Koverkhar “to world markets.”

Train with coal
“Greenpeace demands from the Finnish authorities to immediately stop the transit of Russian coal and abandon energy resources from Russia ahead of schedule,” the press service of the organization’s branch explained.

Recall that on April 7, the ambassadors of the European Union countries approved the fifth package of sanctions against the aggressor country, which, in particular, imposes an embargo on the import of coal from the Russian Federation and the supply of high-tech goods.

In addition, a decision was made to stop the movement of Russian trucks. Meanwhile, the officialsof Russian Railways said that they were preparing to transfer cargo to rail transport in communication with the EU.

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