By the end of 2021 or 2022, in Smela (Cherkasy region), on the basis of the Smelyansky machine-building plant, it is planned to open a new enterprise – a car repair plant.

A car repair plant may be opened in Smela

According to the mayor of Smela Sergei Ananko, at the session of the city council, the deputies voted to provide JSC Smelyanskiy machine-building plant with consent to the division of the land plot.

Later, at a meeting of the executive committee, the mayor explained that a car-repair plant would be opened on the basis of the machine-building plant, reports Railway Supply magazine.

According to him, the purchase and sale of part of the land and premises of the plant has already taken place. The new owners intend to open an enterprise with 200 jobs, and in a year or two, their number is planned to be increased to 400.

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Note that Smela is home to one of the largest European enterprises in the field of manufacturing, repair and modernization of electrical machines for traction rolling stock of railway transport, heavy vehicles, urban passenger electric transport, industrial lifting mechanisms – SEMZ (Smelyansk Electromechanical Plant).

There is a junction railway station in the city (im. Taras Shevchenko). The station has a locomotive, passenger and freight carriage depots.


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