In Russia, more than 60 women were allowed to work independently in the driver cab. This was announced by the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov.

61 women were admitted to work as train driver in Russia

“2021 was also unique in that it allowed women to work as train driver. We have studied the conditions. The conditions, of course, have changed very seriously. And now women can work as train drivers. Already 61 people have been admitted to independent work, “- said the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov.

In early 2021, an updated list of hazardous occupations available to women, such as truck driver and electric train driver, came into force. And in June, Russian Railways announced recruitment for women to train driver assistants, reports Railway Supply magazine.

We would also like to remind that in Saudi Arabia 30 women will become train drivers.

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