During 2020, the railway workers carried out a set of measures to update the track infrastructure. In particular, to ensure the safety of train traffic and the maintenance of infrastructure with established speeds, Ukrzaliznytsia employees have repaired more than 1.3 thousand kilometers of tracks and maintained more than 1.2 thousand sets of turnouts, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to the Ukrzaliznytsia website.

repaired of railway tracks

In addition, the railroad workers carried out a significant amount of work on the repair and reconstruction of engineering structures of Ukrzaliznytsia last year. 4 road overpasses were repaired, almost 2 thousand reinforced concrete bridge sleepers and hundreds of running meters of ballastless tracks were laid, more than 4.2 thousand wooden beams were replaced, several dozen defects of artificial structures were eliminated and more than 1 thousand km of drainage systems were reinforced with reinforced concrete sides.


Railway track fastening