Amsted Rail announced its withdrawal from Russia and exit from the EPK-Brenko joint venture, which manufactures bearings in Saratov. EPK-Brenko is the largest manufacturer of cassette bearings for railway wagon bogies, the production plan for 2022 is 240 000 pieces.

Lack of bearings for wagons

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to @belzhd_live.

Cassette-type bearings are fitted to wagons with increased axial load, which are mainly used for coal transportation in Russia.

This will soon carry the market to a shortage of the most important parts. Previously, their deliveries were stopped by the Swedish SKF, another industry leader.

The question arises about the production indicators of wagon builders. And also about scheduled and unscheduled repairs of wagons on the network, if this concerns axle boxes.

In a number of wagon depots, several thousand innovative wagons, which came for scheduled repairs, have already accumulated. The repair cannot be processed due to the lack of cassette bearings. The production of innovative wagons will also stop next month.

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