The situation with cargo in covered wagons at the railway stations bordering the PRC has returned to normal

Thanks to the efforts and common verified actions of the railway workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, China and Kazakhstani shippers, the problem of covered wagons at the Alashankou-Dostyk and Khorgos-Altynkol border crossings has been resolved, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.

железнодорожных станциях
Picture: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy

The situation has returned to normal. All covered wagons with grain cargo were transferred to the Chinese side for unloading.

KTZ-Freight Transportation LLC thanks the shippers for their understanding and measures taken to redirect goods, which made it possible to increase the throughput of border sections and quickly resolve the issue of accumulation of food cargo and eliminate the risk of damage.

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At the moment, negotiations are underway with Chinese colleagues to agree on a Plan for the exchange of trains through the Dostik-Alashankou and Altynkol-Khorgos railway crossings. The Chinese side refused to accept grain cargoes in sack containers in covered wagons, only in big bags. For May 2021, a Plan was agreed for loading only 50 covered wagons of food cargo in big bags. In this regard, shippers are advised to switch to the optimal option for transporting grain.


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