The second TransFER container train to pass through Ukraine

The second container train, organized as part of the TransFER service of the Austrian company ӦBB Rail Cargo, departed from Guangzhou (China) on 22 March. It is expected to arrive in Budapest shortly, from where the cargo will be distributed across Europe via the TransNET network. The train route runs, in particular, through Ukraine informs railway magazine Railway Supply citing information from ӦBB Rail Cargo.

The second TransFER container train to pass through Ukraine
Picture: ӦBB Rail

It is noted that the first train was sent to Budapest on March 15. The travel time is 15-18 days. On the way, the train crosses the Chinese-Kazakh border at the Alashankou / Dostyk checkpoints and the Ukrainian-Hungarian border Chop / Zakhon.

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“The short delivery times make the train an efficient means of transport between Southeast China and Europe. Upon arrival in Budapest, our extensive TransNET network allows direct transportation to a large number of European terminals, ”the information says.

The operator also provides customers with additional services such as daily monitoring of the location of the cargo using GPS sensors, customs clearance and insurance.


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