The reconstruction of the Crimean bridge should be completed by July 2023. This date was indicated by the government of the aggressor country. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Infrastruktury.

Crimean bridge

The bridge connected the mainland of Russia with the occupied Crimea and was destroyed on October 8. Part of the road bridge was destroyed, as well as the tracks at the railway facility.

The so-called Crimean bridge was opened for traffic in 2018, after the capture of Crimea by russian invaders. After the armed attack on Ukraine, the bridge was used as the main supply route for the occupying forces.

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Satellite imagery shows that the damage was extensive and that the explosion damaged Russian military logistics.

British intelligence estimated the time required for repairs at 3-5 months. The occupiers, usually unwilling to acknowledge the losses they have suffered, indicate that the bridge must be repaired by July 2023. This confirms that the damage to the bridge is serious.

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