A report has been published on the results of a study that assessed the investment and effect of expanding the European high-speed network to cover the capitals and most important agglomerations of the EU countries and EU candidate countries. The study analyzes the market potential and investment in high-speed traffic under three scenarios for the development of the European high-speed network. Railway Supply magazine writes about this with reference to zdmira.


The final report contains a master plan for the creation of a high-speed network over the next decades, the length of which is 3 times the length of existing high-speed lines in the EU (now the total length of lines suitable for high-speed traffic is estimated at 13-15 thousand km). This Master Plan will require an investment of 550 billion euros, an expected social and economic impact of 750 billion euros by 2070, and passenger traffic on the HSR network could exceed 1,400 billion passenger-km by 2050 and 2,000 billion passenger-km by 2070 High-speed rail will be the main mode of transport for long-distance passenger traffic in Europe. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions annually by more than 120 million tons starting around 2042.

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The study was carried out by the British auditing and consulting company Ernst and Young, together with the Bocconi University of Milan, commissioned by the Europe’s Rail partnership, the European Association of Independent Operators (ALLRAIL), the Community of European Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the European Association of the Railway Industry (UNIFE). An agreement to conduct such a study was signed in the summer of 2022.

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