The RMT union has announced further nationwide strikes and wider action on railroads after it rejected proposals from train operators and Network Rail last week. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to The Guardian.


On March 16, 40,000 members of the Network Rail union and 14 train operators go on strike. The train staff will leave for another three days: March 18 and 30 and April 1. The first 24-hour strike will coincide with a teachers’ strike that will likely close schools in England and Wales, as well as an action by university staff. This was announced shortly after nurses called for additional strikes for March.

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RMT Network Rail members will also enforce an overtime ban lasting a total of six weeks for maintenance and operation, which the union has warned could harm the railroad.

Sources at Network Rail speculated that they could run more services than during previous shutdowns, arguing that more employees could ignore calls to strike.

RMT Secretary General Mick Lynch said: “Rail employers are not being given a fresh mandate by the government to offer our members a new deal on pay, conditions and job security. Therefore, our members will now take sustained and targeted industrial action over the next few months. The government can settle this dispute easily by unshackling the rail companies. However, its stubborn refusal to do so will now mean more strike action across the railway network and a very disruptive overtime ban.”

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