Poland-Ukraine opened an intermodal corridor “Black Sea – Baltic”

The Port of Gdansk and the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority have agreed to cooperate in the creation of a new transport corridor connecting the Black and Baltic Seas. The main focus will be on the transportation of goods by rail along the route, which will include the port of Gdansk, Warsaw, Dorongursk or Medyka and the Ukrainian ports of the Black Sea, primarily Odessa, informs the railway magazine Railway Supply citing  Railfreight.

opened an intermodal corridor

The project will serve two specific purposes: first, the Black Sea – Baltic intermodal corridor will provide an alternative route for transporting goods westward from China. Cargoes that will follow by rail through transit countries, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, can be transported to Ukraine via the Black Sea and further distributed to Europe via a new route.

“Cooperation between the Port of Gdansk and the Ukrainian Seaports Authority will form the basis for a common intermodal corridor that perfectly matches the concept of the Three Seas Initiative and the Trans-Caspian Corridor,” commented Polish Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk.

Secondly, Ukrainian and Turkish companies interested in transporting goods to Central and Western Europe or Scandinavia will now have an additional and faster option when using the Gdansk-Odessa corridor.

Estimates indicate that demand for the new route will be significant. In particular, due to the project, an increase in traffic volumes may be observed in the port of Gdansk in 2021, and it may amount to 50 million tons.


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