During a conference organized by the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, the head of the ministry, Andrzej Adamczyk, noted that under the conditions of the war in Ukraine, the flow of goods in Europe has changed dramatically. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Infrastruktury.


Closer economic ties and the need to take into account military aspects have led to the fact that the corridors of the trans-European network of roads and railways have been extended to Ukraine and Moldova. This decision is supported by concrete data showing a radical increase in the amount of goods transported.

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The Minister said that the current situation in Europe leads to the redirection of goods to other places. As an example, he cited the transportation of grain from Ukraine to Poland, which this year increased by 27 times compared to last year. That is why, in his opinion, it was necessary to revise the network of trans-European corridors.

In conditions of war, the construction of the “Three Seas Corridor” is also becoming very important, which should increase not only economic contacts, but also the feeling of security of the inhabitants of the eastern regions of the European Union.

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