In AT “NC“ KTZ ”, 78 thousand workers (70.6%) were vaccinated against Covid-19. 48.7% of the workers completed the vaccination course, receiving two components of the vaccine.

More than 70% of the KTZ team received an anti-virus vaccine

Railway workers receive vaccinations directly at the workplace. Vaccination points are deployed on the basis of medical offices operating in the depot and at stations where workers undergo daily examinations, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to KTZ.

The procedure for receiving vaccination was no different from that carried out in clinics. Before vaccination, a mandatory examination, measurement of blood pressure, assessment of the health of the employee.

Amtrak to receive $ 1.69 billion in COVID-19 relief

Prior to the day of vaccination, doctors hold online explanatory meetings with employees, where they talk about the benefits of anti-vaccination.


Support for the railway industry in the Russian Federation: current solutions

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