Modernization of the Ostrava railway junction – the total investment exceeds 25 billion kroons

The modernization of the central part of the Ostrava railway junction has been planned for many years. The originally planned construction start date is 2021. Last Tuesday, the Czech Railways Administration approved the plans, the total investment of which exceeds 25 billion kroons. The timing of the modernization of the railway junction is 2025-2033, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» citing news portal

railway junction
Nádraží Ostrava – Svinov. Foto: České dráhy

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The subject of construction is a comprehensive modernization of the central part of the Ostrava railway junction. Basically, this is a complete reconstruction of the Ostrava-Hrusov-Ostrava-Svinov section, including the three-rail section of the Ostrava-Svinov — Ostrava.


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