METRANS is launching a new service between its rail terminal HUB in Budapest and its terminal in Inđija, located in northern Serbia

The German company recently became the operator of the Serbian terminal, and operations are expected to commence in early June, according to Railway Supply, citing railfreight.

METRANS became the majority shareholder of the Croatian railway company Adria Rail, which operated the terminal in Inđija at the end of March. “Thanks to investments in Adria Rail, METRANS now manages its first terminal in Serbia,” the company announced at the time.

METRANS is connecting

The connection between the Inđija terminal and Budapest opens up new opportunities for the Serbian market. The facility is located between Belgrade and Novi Sad, the two most populous cities in the country with a combined population of over 1.5 million people.

Furthermore, the Budapest terminal will have a new regular service with the port of Rijeka in southern Croatia.

The Budapest-Rijeka route is set to start on June 1, with the Budapest-Inđija route following shortly after, according to METRANS.

By connecting to the port of Rijeka, the company can now serve all three major Adriatic ports, as it already had connections with Trieste and Koper.

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