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Impact power wrench




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Impact power wrench

Impact power wrench power wrenchis designed for mounting and dismounting operations in conditions when use of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic wrenches is difficult or impossible.

The impact wrench allows to carry out mounting and dismounting of rigid threaded joints, making drills on railway tracks, bridgeworks, power transmission lines and other structures under difficult field conditions and absolutely independently. When used for repair of railway tracks the impact wrench allows to do and undo terminal, embedded and fishplate bolts, tighten screw spikes and make drills in timber sleepers for hook-headed spike and screw spikes.

Drive type Air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engine 
Engine capacity 56,5 cm3
Output 3,2 kW
Impact sockets size 1”
Adjustable tightening torque                                                                                                                                    from 500 Nm to 1800 Nm
Wrench dimensions (H x W x L) 270 х 445 х 570 mm
Wrench weight 18,3 kg