The opening of a new railway line in Laos has created the world longest rail route.

самый длинный в мире жд маршрут

The distance of the route from the city of Lagos, which is in the south of Portugal to Singapore, is more than 18,755 km, and the journey will last 21 days, reports Railway Supply magazine.

The hypothetical route was calculated by train lovers from Reddit with the help of railway expert Mark Smith. The longest journey has been made possible with the launch of a new railway line in Laos.

самый длинный в мире жд маршрут

Prior to that, a continuous train journey along this route would have ended in Vietnam and only lasted about 16,898 km. To travel to Singapore later, passengers would need to take a bus from Saigon via Cambodia to Bangkok.

Travelers who embark on this journey will be able to visit 13 different countries of Eurasia – from Spain, Poland and Belarus in Europe to Mongolia, Thailand and Malaysia in Asia. Booking tickets for the entire trip will cost around 1200 euros. Also, this trip will be much more environmentally friendly than traveling by plane.

For example, a one-way flight from Lisbon to Singapore emits about 1.67 tonnes of CO2, the same train trip would result in emissions of about 0.08 tonnes of CO2.

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