In Ufa, four students were arrested for allegedly committing sabotage on the railway, speaking out against the war in Ukraine. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the BBC.

sabotage on the railway

The Soviet District Court of Ufa arrested them in connection with a terrorist act as part of an organized group, the joint press service of the courts of Bashkiria reported. According to investigators, they “tried to damage electrical equipment on the railway, opposing the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine and hoping to destabilize the work of the authorities in Bashkiria.”

Eighteen-year-old defendants are charged with an attempted terrorist act, as well as the commission of terrorist acts by a group of persons. Punishment under these articles of the criminal code provides from 12 to 20 years in prison.

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For some reason, the former president of Russia, Medvedev, is very concerned about their case and proposes to return the death penalty, or, better, execution on the spot.

“We just need to remember that during World War II, no one was fussing with the saboteurs who, on the orders of the Nazis, carried out subversive work in the rear. There was only one sentence for such scoundrels – execution without trial or investigation.”

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