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Diesel generator ED4-T230




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Diesel generator ED4-T230

Diesel generator ED4-T230 can be used as a main or a stand-by power supply for a wide range of 3-phase and single-phase users, including power-operated tools, and household electric appliances, and in situations when power supply from a stationary power source is impossible: at station-to-station spans, in industries and in civil construction, during construction of roads and repair, by vehicle maintenance, travelling and stationary workshops, by emergency services and agricultural and community facilities as well as in emergency situations. Light weight, small overall size and low noise make these mini-power stations an indispensible mobile source of power supply.

Both models feature a long continuous operation, long life time and can be operated in a wide range of temperatures (from -30 to +45С), they are easy to service and operate. Diesel generators are very helpful as a seasonal source of power supply.

Drive type Air-cooled 4-stroke diesel engine 
Max. output 6 kVA
Amperage                                                                                               13,8 A
Voltage 230 V (3-phase) 
Fuel tank 13,5 liters
Fuel consuption 276 g/kWh
Dimensions (H x W x L) 750x500x700 mm
Weight 95 kg