Deutsche Bahn plans to expand the range of digital twin components to 10,000 positions by 2030

The German carrier states that this will enable the use of 3D printing for producing 10% of the parts used in rolling stock maintenance, according to Railway Supply citing DB.

DB plans to expand the range of digital twins

Currently, the company’s database contains 1,000 components. The largest component is a gearbox housing weighing 570 kg for a shunting locomotive.

It is reported that printing this component takes 2 months, whereas previously it took 10 months for delivery.

Since 2015, Deutsche Bahn has already produced over 10,000 parts using 3D printing. The company has its own production capabilities as well as a network of over 140 contractors.

In Europe, opportunities for 3D printing of metal and plastic components are being developed by major carriers and manufacturers such as OBB, ČD, Alstom, Siemens Mobility.

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