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Werner Peeters
Project Manager – Business Development
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Camco Rail Portal

Automatic registration of containers, trailers & railcars

Camco’s Rail Solution scans the trains and captures crucial data while trains enter the terminal, without hindering or delaying operations. This allows terminal and rail operators to automatically compare the data with train and cargo information provided by the departure terminal. It is also a powerful tool for terminal operators to perform or update train inventories, associating container data with railcar and train positioning enabling faster train loading and discharging, hence improving train turnaround time. The Camco Train Gate Operator software enables exception handling of multiple rail portals even from one single remote location. The optional Camco TrackView tool supports live shunting when combined with railcar RFID technology (AEI tags).

Start processing trains without delay

With automated registration of railcars and cargo, the exact position of every container on an identified wagon as well as corresponding pictures become available instantly. The immediate availability of train configuration and container data makes it possible to start processing the cargo without delay reducing container or trailer dwell time. Rail clerks no longer have to check numbers near the tracks or near container handling equipment increasing safety but also reducing registration errors. Additional pictures of a railcar or trailer’s top also come available, adding information for condition recording.

Camco Rail Portal: Best-in-class accuracy

  • Container number and ISO code
  • Trailer number
  • Railcar number
  • Dangerous goods label (IMDG)
  • Door direction