VLRD will supervise the wagon fleet of AB ORLEN Lietuva

LTG Group Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot (VLRD) has signed a long-term agreement on wagon repairs with AB ORLEN Lietuva, informs Railway Supply magazine citing the company’s website.

VLRD will supervise the wagon fleet of AB ORLEN Lietuva
Picture: vlrd.lt

According to it, in the next four years up to several hundred tank cars, which are operated by the AB ORLEN Lietuva oil refinery, will be repaired at the repair base in Radviliskis.

“Both companies have an excellent history of cooperation, so we are pleased that the deserved trust has laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. I am confident that by combining the capabilities of modern technologies and our experience, we will fulfill this task in a quality manner, ” says Donatas Malaškevičius, Director of VLRD’s Corporate Operations Department.

According to the director of the department, this message confirms that the division of the company located in Radviliškis will play an important role in achieving the strategic goals of the company today and in the future.

“Freight transport by rail is very important in the activities of AB ORLEN Lietuva. More than 90% of the manufactured products comes to our customers exactly along this route of logistics. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safety and reliability of both the infrastructure and the transportation of goods, ” says Michal Rudnicki, CEO of AB ORLEN Lietuva.

The only oil refinery in the Baltic States began operations 40 years ago. AB ORLEN Lietuva is one of the most profitable and unique strategic companies in Lithuania. The company operates the only refinery in the Baltic States which ensures the energy security of the region by supplying raw materials to refineries in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

VLRD provides comprehensive services for the repair and modernization of rolling stock and freight cars. The company’s revenue last year amounted to $ 68.1 million and was 30.2% more than in 2019.

As previously reported, this year it is planned to merge this company with the cargo company LTG Cargo to form a company with a wide range of rail services.


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