Production of freight cars in Ukraine fell by 41.5% compared to January-June 2020. In six months, car builders produced only 943 units of rolling stock, reports Railway Supply magazine

Виробництво вантажних вагонів
Picture: KVSZ

In June, car builders produced 199 freight cars, which is 13.1% higher than in June 2020.

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Part of the freight cars was produced by the KVSZ, where production dropped significantly. During January-June, the plant produced 368 units of freight cars, which is 61% less than in January-June 2020.

In 2020, the production of freight cars and platforms in Ukraine decreased compared to 2019 by 70.1% – to 3241 units. The main contribution was made by KVBZ, which produced 1,569 freight cars in 2020 , which was 70% less than in 2019.


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