Ukrzaliznytsia JSC is ready to attract Deutsche Bahn specialists to the staff on clear terms with a KPI-linked remuneration, said Oleksandr Pertsovsky, director of the Ukrzaliznytsia Passenger Company branch.

співпрацю з Deutsche Bahn
Picture: DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH

“If such specialists can be selected – they will be on specific tasks, with clear KPI… And clearly, the terms of the partnership imply that the compensation will be clearly tied to the result, to a percentage of the achieved financial effect,” said Pertsovsky.

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to him, UZ is ready to involve third-party specialists on a permanent basis on such conditions.

Ukrzaliznytsia will pay a million euros to Deutsche Bahn for consultations

UZ has outlined several phases of partnership with Deutsche Bahn.

“Indeed, we are talking about the possibility of continuing this partnership in 2022. There is a desire for a number of tasks to involve their people more systematically, not just as expert consultants, but also in terms of implementing a coherent strategy… We assume that a team of analysts, specialists who optimize the use of rolling stock in Germany, with their software product and their solutions, can join the Ukrzaliznytsia team on a permanent basis and help us build this function here, passing on experience to domestic colleagues and working in an operational format, not only as consultants,” Pertsovsky said.

He also noted that the plan of cooperation between UZ and DB is to build a detailed model of passenger traffic development and a business plan for the next five years, which will include modeling and budget forecasting.

“This element of the project also includes the development of measures to optimize rolling stock, car fleet. It involves a certain software product, expertise, which shows what we have reserves to reduce operating costs for the transportation of a given number of passengers with the most efficient use of the fleet, what are our needs in rolling stock yearly, capital investment. After all, we can’t just “want to renew the car fleet” and present it for state funding. It should be a clear target model, taking into account the experience of the European operator, which justifies the need,” said Pertsovsky.

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