The Ukrainian Agrarian Council (UAC) has addressed the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament and the European Commissioner for Agriculture with a proposal to abolish veterinary control on the Ukrainian-Polish border. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail.insider.


The UAC also provided the conditions, subject to which it is possible to make changes to the procedures for conducting veterinary control at the border. Thus, veterinary control will not be carried out if:

– the cargo is in transit through the Republic of Poland to the customs warehouses of other EU countries;
– the EU country to which the consignment is destined agrees to carry out veterinary control on its territory in the event of termination of the transit regime, which means the import of such products into the EU;
– the EU country to which the consignment is transported has agreed to carry out veterinary control on its territory in case of redirection of such consignment to another country.

Wagons of sanctioned companies will work for the defense and economy of Ukraine

“If feed grains or other feed of plant origin are exported in transit outside the EU through an EU country that has agreed to take part in this initiative, veterinary control should not be carried out,” the appeal says.

Recall that in February, due to the suspension of the simplified veterinary control procedure in Poland, the transfer of wagons with grain at the border became much more complicated. Subsequently, the passage of veterinary control was simplified, but only for the transit transportation of Ukrainian grain through Poland. Then in Poland they started talking about restrictions on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products.

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