In a bid to increase the amount of goods transported by rail, TX Logistik successfully launched an international triangular service for intermodal transport in mid-March. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailwayPro.


The rail logistics company’s offer connects Romania, Austria, Italy and Germany by one train a week and is designed for two major Romanian forwarding companies and an Italian carrier.

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Compared to normal round trips with outward and backward connections between two destinations, the triangular concept created by TX Logistik connects the terminals in Curtici (Romania), Hall in Tirol (Austria), Verona (Italy) and Duisburg (Germany) with one-way relations. Users can thus be able to bypass imbalances in the flow of goods. While all regions have high cargo volumes, there are not always necessarily sufficient volumes to load trains for a round trip with appropriate backloads.

The starting and ending point of the triangular connection is the railway port of Arad in Curtici, from here the train, which is also the first intermodal connection between Romania and Italy, first goes to the Quadrante Europa terminal in Verona with a stop at the TSSU terminal in Halle/Tyrol, where wagons with trailers for Austria are reloaded. From Verona, the journey continues to Duisburg. There, TX Logistik, as one of the three owners, operates the destination terminal in the logport III logistics area. The route from Duisburg to Kurtici then marks the end of the triangular traffic.

The traction on the almost 4,000 km long triangular railway line is handled by TX Logistik and the section in Romania is handled by Gysev, a long-standing traction partner from Hungary. After a successful start on 18 April, there are plans to increase the capacity with a second train. The possibility of transferring the triangular concept to other suitable routes in Europe is also being studied.

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