Latvia has delayed and changed the delivery method for new Škoda electric trains.

Škoda electric trains

This was stated by the Minister of Transport of Latvia, Talis Linkaits, Railway Supply magazine informs.

In total, it was planned to purchase nine electric trains from Škoda Vagonka and deliver them by rail through the territory of Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The plant has already produced the first trains, but it is still impossible to deliver them along the planned route through the Russian invasion to the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, the option of delivery by road in a partially disassembled form is being considered.

“The manufacturer decided to transport each wagon separately by road. This is a large-sized and very specific cargo, for the transportation of which it is necessary to obtain permission, check whether all bridges and overpasses can withstand the weight,” the minister explained.

He added that a route for the supply of new electric trains is currently being developed.

“Therefore, we expect that the first disassembled wagons will be here in Latvia at the end of June, beginning of July. Then they will be assembled again here in Latvia, tested and certified,” Talis Linkaits said, adding that passenger transportation by new electric trains could start next year.

As previously reported, the war is having an impact on the implementation of railway projects in the Netherlands. At the same time, due to the war unleashed by Russia, it is difficult to transport oil in Kazakhstan.

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