The new British sanctions against Russia target companies involved in the theft of Ukrainian grain

According to the railway journal Railway Supply, citing CTS, the new British sanctions against Russia also affect shipping companies. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a new package of sanctions targeting companies affiliated with “Rosatom” and individuals and entities involved in the theft of Ukrainian grain.

It is noted that in the transportation sector, sanctions will be applied to 24 organizations and individuals involved in the theft of Ukrainian grain.

Among them are Pawell Shipping Co LLP, State Grain Corporation (GOK), and its director Nikita Busel, who are associated with the systematic theft of Ukrainian grain. The grain and other food products were stolen by the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and exported under the label of “Russian goods.”

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Additionally, six major Russian shipping companies have also been sanctioned for assisting Russia in circumventing sanctions, including Sun Ship Management, which is linked to Sovcomflot, Russia’s largest state-owned shipping company.

Previously, it was reported that the European Union’s eleventh package of sanctions against Russia includes a ban on access to European ports for vessels attempting to bypass the existing restrictions on Russian oil.

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