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Train delivers 1,500 Russian soldiers to Belarus

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, a train with Russian servicemen arrived in Belarus. According to the independent channel "Belarusian Hajun", there were about 700-800 people in the train.


Criminal case against the state enterprise “BTLC” BZD in Ukraine

The other day, news appeared in the information field about the start of a criminal case in Ukraine and an investigation by the police of the Poltava region on the misappropriation or embezzlement of property during martial law or a state of emergency against officials of the state enterprise "BTLC" of the Belarusian Railways, as well as some Russian logistics companies.


Rail partizans from Belarus received 20 years in prison

In Belarus, three Belarusians accused of sabotaging the railway, along which trains with Russian military equipment went to participate in the war in Ukraine, received more than 20 years in prison each.


Belarusian railway workers continue underground protest

Despite the intensification of the pressure and repressive measures of the the state and the management of the BelZhD, they fail to exterminate the spirit of protest from the railway workers.


New rails from Europe on the way to the reconstruction of Ukrainian infrastructure

France will supply Ukraine with new rails manufactured by Saarstahl. Much of the rail infrastructure in Ukraine has been damaged, and Ukraine's only rail manufacturer, Azovstal, is located in Mariupol and has been almost completely destroyed by Russian bombing.


Russian Railways and Belarusian Railways suspended from participation in the activities of the International Union of Railways

The railways of Russia and Belarus are suspended from participation in the activities of the Regional European Assembly and the General Assembly of the International Union of Railways (UIC).
armored train


Russian armored train deployed to the border with Ukraine

During the war, everything changes, including the role of trains. We see this in Ukraine, where trains are now one of the most important means of evacuation.
invaders hit the railway


Railway infrastructure damaged in Kryvyi Rig district

On November 27, on Sunday morning, Russian invaders hit the railway infrastructure in the Lozuvatka community of the Kryvyi Rig region with two missiles.
Crimean bridge


Rail transportation on the Crimean bridge is still limited

After the explosion on the Crimean bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland, railroad cars were transported across the Kerch Strait on ships.
train to victory


UZ has already collected more than 5 million UAH from the sale of “tickets to victory”

In the ten days since the launch of the Ukrzaliznytsia and UNITED24 project, Ukrainians have purchased more than 3,000 tickets to the already liberated Kherson and the still occupied Donetsk, Luhansk, Mariupol, Simferopol and Sevastopol.


SBU exposes UZ officials who helped the enemy maintain rail links with the Russian Federation

The security service exposed two former heads of the structural subdivision of the Southern Railway in the Kharkiv region.
military equipment


More military equipment on the Belarusian-Russian trains

Belarus and Russia are again cooperating in the transportation of military equipment by rail. Between February and September, they exchanged more than 100,000 tons of ammunition, and during October, more than 5,200 tons of armored vehicles were sent from Belarus to Russia.