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Sanctions on Russia


China will not help Russians bypass sanctions

China does not intend to take any special steps to circumvent sanctions against the aggressor country Russia. “We will not do anything on purpose to circumvent US and Western sanctions against Russia,” Wang Lutong, director of the European Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told reporters at a briefing on the April 1 China-EU summit.
Sanctions against Russia


Georgia and Kazakhstan may support sanctions against Russia

Officials in Georgia and Kazakhstan said late this week that they would adhere to the sanctions imposed on the aggressor country Russia over the war in Ukraine.
Implementation of railway projects


The war affects the implementation of railway projects in the Netherlands

The Dutch railway operator ProRail predicts that Russia's military intervention in Ukraine will have an impact on the implementation of railway projects in this country.
Train with humanitarian aid


A train with 1 500 tons of aid from Poland arrived in Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia

The Government Agency of Strategic Reserves of Poland sent 120 wagons with 1 500 tons of humanitarian aid to Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia.
Freight cars


More than 2000 RF and Belarusian wagons have already been discovered in Ukraine

The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (DBR) continues to identify the property of Russian and Belarusian companies on the territory of Ukraine, after which it initiates its nationalization.
Handball club Kharkiv


The enemy has no chance! – the team of veterans of the handball club “Kharkiv”

Kharkiv is still under fire from the Russian occupiers, but the city is sure that the enemy has no chance. In the matter of protecting the city and Ukraine, everyone contributes, including the handball community, informs railway magazine Railway Supply, citing the Handball Federation of Ukraine.
A model of the railway


A model of the railway was found in the second residence of Medvedchuk

It turns out that the fellow sponsor of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk, is an outstanding connoisseur of the railway.
Nationalization of railway wagons


400 RF and Belarusian wagons will be nationalized in the Cherkasy region

The Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine has initiated the nationalization of 400 railcars owned by Russian and Belarusian companies, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to Bureau site.
Wagons and tanks from Russia and Belarus


Ukraine seized wagons and tanks from Russia and Belarus for more than UAH 260 million

Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine during operational activities discovered 176 railway cars and tanks in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, owned by enterprises from the aggressor country of the Russian Federation and its henchman Belarus.
Rail war in Belarus


A “rail war” unfolded in Belarus

In order to slow down the movement of Russian military equipment to Ukraine, Belarusians disable railway equipment, reports railway magazine Railway Supply citing DW.
Railway Help Ukraine


More than 40 humanitarian aid cars were imported with in the framework of the “Railway Help Ukraine” project

Through the joint efforts of the company, about 1,500 tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Ukrainian cities forpeople affected by the war.
Losses of infrastructure in Ukraine


Losses of infrastructure in Ukraine amounted to $119 billion

As a result of the Russian invasion, Ukraine lost $564. 9 billion.