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Stadler delivers five ER 160 FLIRT electric trains to Koleje Mazowieckie

In the last days of December 2021, Koleje Mazowieckie received five more ER 160 FLIRT electric trains from Stadler. Thus, the fleet of the Mazovian carrier already has 26 FLIRT trains, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Nakolei Pl.


Stadler entered the Guinness Book of Records

Stadler has made a Guinness World Record for 224 km with its battery-powered FLIRT Akku. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply citing Stadler.
double-deck Kiss electric trains


Stadler to supply double-deck Kiss electric trains to Slovakia

National operator ZSSK has signed a contract with Stadler to supply four six-car, double-deck Kiss electric trains by the end of 2023 for use on regional lines in western and central Slovakia.
Stadler delivers Kiss trains to Serbia


Stadler delivers Kiss trains to Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic was present at the handover of the first of three double-decker electric trains Stadler Kiss (200 km/h) to the national passenger operator Srbija Voz.
Stadler starts building a FLIRT train depot in Poland


Kharkiv signed a memorandum with Stadler on the development of urban electric transport

In Kharkov, on October 6, a memorandum was signed between the city and the Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler, aimed at renewing the tram fleet in Kharkov.
FLIRT travels 185 kilometers on batteries


Court overturns Stadler’s victory in grand ÖBB contract

Invalid signature. The court canceled Stadler's victory in the ÖBB's grand contract.
construction of Stadler plants


Kharkiv denied information on signing an agreement on the construction of Stadler plants

The Kharkiv City Council denied the message about the signing of an agreement with the Swiss company Stadler on the construction of two plants in Kharkiv, scheduled for October 6.
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Stadler may receive an order not only for electric trains in Ukraine

In Ukraine Stadler may receive an order not only for electric trains, but also for trams and metro trains. Picture: Олег Васильев A representative of Stadler in Poland in a commentary to local media said that the company in Ukraine can produce not only rolling stock for the railway, but also trams and metro trains, reports Railway Supplymagazine referening to urm.
Stadler announces


Stadler announces plans to localize production in Ukraine for a long time

Localization of production and technology transfer are very expensive processes, and therefore the Swiss Stadler does not consider its presence in Ukraine as short-term.
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There are three locations in Ukraine where Stadler’s production facilities could be located

Member of the Board of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" in 2019-2020 Marcin Tseleevskiy spoke about possible locations that were previously offered to the Swiss for placing their production facilities.
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Electric train Stadler FLIRT arrived in Ukraine for testing

An electric train manufactured by Stadler has arrived in Ukraine for testing. Blogger Oleg Vasiliev wrote about this on his Facebook page.