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Russian Railways loses about 10% of cargo due to war

Since the beginning of the war, Russian Railways has lost about 10% of its cargo volumes. The volume of freight traffic on the Russian railway network has collapsed by 125 million tons, the head of the company, Oleg Belozerov, said, referring to sanctions imposed after the war.


Russian Railways continues to “improve the technology” of container transportation by gondola cars

In October 2022, the railway carrier of the aggressor country sent 15 trains with containers in gondola cars. Due to distortions in logistics and a surplus of gondola cars, this solution is considered promising.


The son of the ex-head of Russian Railways was detained for launching a drone on Svalbard

Norwegian police have detained Andrey Yakunin, the son of the former head of Russian Railways, for launching a drone in the Svalbard archipelago.


The top manager of Russian Railways committed suicide

Since the beginning of the year, the public has been watching a strange chain of deaths of high-ranking officials. After the oil and gas industry, it is the Russian Railways turn.


Belkomur railroad. There is a will, but no money

The Belkomur railway line is Russia's response to the Chinese One Belt, One Road initiative. Given the shift in export-import flows towards Asia and the reduction in trade with the West, this line is becoming even more important for Russia.
Bearings for freight cars


Russian railway is on the verge of collapse

The threat of a collapse in freight traffic is growing at Russian Railways due to a shortage of bearings for heavy-duty wagons, reports Railway Supply citing sprotyv.
Russian Railways performance indicators


Russian Railways raised tariffs urgently and to the maximum

The main carrier of the aggressor, JSC Russian Railways, is additionally raising tariffs for freight transportation from June 1.
Passenger train locomotive


Locomotive of Volgograd – Moscow train burned down in Russia

The diesel locomotive of the branded passenger train No. 1 "Volgograd" (Volgograd - Moscow) burst on the evening of Saturday, May 28, near the Archeda station in the Volgograd region.
Freight Car Building Plant


Putin’s favorite plant goes down

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (part of the UWC holding) is going down for two weeks. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to rollingstock.
Strizh trains


Running of Strizh trains in Russia was terminated in March 2022 due to sanctions

One of the leaders of the Moscow branch of the Spanish company Talgo admitted for the first time that the Strizh trains were suspended in March 2022 due to sanctions.
Shortage of containers


Russia lacks more than 100 thousand containers

The situation with the presence of containers in the Russian transport market is deteriorating. The deficit of them is estimated at 300 thousand TEU.
Iran may buy locomotives from Russia


Iran may buy locomotives from Russia

The head of the Iranian Railways Miad Salehi said that the company is discussing the terms of the purchase, writes Tehran Times.