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Is RZD International on the sanctions lists?


Is RZD International on the sanctions lists?

RZD International is actively participating in the modernization project of a railcar repair plant in Turkmenistan The international division of the RZD International holding and the Turkmenistan state railway operator "Demirellari" have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the phased modernization and implementation of advanced technologies and equipment at the railcar repair plant in the city of Gyzylarbat, according to the Railway Supply magazine citing the national railway operator.
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Russian Railways (RZD) attempts to recover penalty from Siemens

RZD is seeking compensation for the breach of contract in the delivery of "Sapsan" trains A court in Russia has ruled in favor of RZD, allowing them to claim a penalty of 6 million rubles per day from Siemens for the non-performance of the contract, according to the railway journal Railway Supply, citing Rollingstock.
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Another arson attack on relay cabinets in Russia

Another arson attack on relay cabinets, this time in Kazan According to the railway portal Railway Supply, there were delays with 5 freight trains.


Russian Railways asks the court to start collecting from Siemens

Russian Railways asks the court to start collecting 29. 6 million rubles per day from Siemens.


The Russian government did not find money for the electrification of the railway to China

The expansion of the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway to increase exports to China ran into a problem. According to the Russian media, about 200 billion rubles are not enough for the electrification of the railway.


Russia-North Korea train will run more frequently

Russia wants to increase rail traffic to and from North Korea. Rail traffic is far from busy, but Russia intends to increase its frequency, the Russian ambassador to North Korea said.
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Russian Railways loading volumes are declining

According to RZD's latest data, in January the volume of loading amounted to 99. 2 million tons, which is -4.


Companies complain about refusals of Russian Railways to transport oil products

The largest oil companies are concerned about the increasing refusals of Russian Railways to accept oil products for transportation in the eastern direction.


Russian Railways is looking for new solutions for fastening and placing containers in gondola cars

The company has announced an open request for "innovative" solutions and technologies designed for placement and fastening of 20- and 40-foot large-tonnage containers in universal four-axle gondola cars, including innovative ones.


Freight train with 22 cars derailed in eastern Russia

Freight train derailed in eastern Russia. In total, 22 cars went off the track, which led to the delay of several trains on the route.


Russian Railways plans to increase the tariff for empty wagons mileage by 51%

The main carrier of the aggressor country proposes to stimulate the transportation of containers in open wagons from the Far East by increasing the tariff for empty wagon runs from the stations of the region by 51%.


Russian Railways loses about 10% of cargo due to war

Since the beginning of the war, Russian Railways has lost about 10% of its cargo volumes. The volume of freight traffic on the Russian railway network has collapsed by 125 million tons, the head of the company, Oleg Belozerov, said, referring to sanctions imposed after the war.