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CRRC export contracts


CRRC loses export contracts in different regions of the world

At the beginning of the year in Israel, the Chinese manufacturer was beaten by the Spanish CAF and the French Alstom, in competitions for the creation and operation of tram systems in Tel Aviv.
ES3000 battery-electric shunter


Procurement and supply of rolling stock in the world

A brief overview of the current news of rolling stock procurement and supply in numbers, informs the railway magazine Railway Supply.
Battery locomotive ES3000


Battery locomotive ES3000 is already in Razgrad!

Shunting works at the ADM Razgrad plant are carried out in a quality and environmentally friendly way using the ES3000 battery locomotive.
Freight cars supply


Texmaco Rail to deliver 20 000 freight cars to Indian Railways

Texmaco Rail has won one of the lots in a massive tender and will deliver 20 000 freight cars to Indian Railways. The contract was awarded as part of a tender for the supply of 90 000 freight cars announced by the national carrier last month, Railway Supply reports, citing Texmaco Rail.
CRRC revenue drop


China’s CRRC records the biggest quarterly revenue drop in 5 years

According to the report of the world's largest rolling stock manufacturer, it received 30. 6 billion yuan ($4.
Double-deck multi-system electric train


Testing of CRRC double-deck multi-system electric train for Austria began in the Czech Republic

After testing in Germany, the DDEMU2 train arrived at the VUZ test ring in Velima. The manufacturer expects certification to be completed by mid-2023.
Tender for electric freight locomotives


India announces another big tender for electric freight locomotives

Another large tender for electric freight locomotives has been announced in India: 800 mainline locomotives with three-axle bogies and a power of more than 8800 kW are expected to be delivered.
HSR expansion in Europe


War could be an opportunity for HSR expansion in Europe

The war in Ukraine shows the whole world how important the railway is, which on the one hand provides a very important evacuation of the civilian population, and on the other hand is necessary for the transport of humanitarian goods.
Railway Supply magazine asks for your support


Railway Supply magazine asks for your support

Railway Supply magazine asks for your support We are from Ukraine. The editorial office of the railway magazine Railway Supply is located in Kharkiv.
Russian transport companies rating withdrawal


Fitch withdraws ratings of 11 utilities and transport companies from Russia

The international rating agency Fitch has withdrawn the ratings of 11 Russian utilities and transport companies due to sanctions.
Road and sea communication


EU urged to stop road and sea communication with Russia

Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia called on the EU to stop road and sea communication with the Russian Federation. The Ministers of Transport of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia appealed to the European Commissioner for Transport Adina Valean to introduce a ban on the transport of goods from and to the territory of the Russian Federation and Belarus.
производителей подвижного состава


Market capitalization of the largest rolling stock manufacturers as of February 17

For comparability, the market capitalization of all companies is given to the US dollar at exchange rates on the day of publication, informs Railway Supply citing tzdjournal.