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Railway station


Polish train stations may be allowed to sell alcohol

A draft amendment to the Law on Sober Education and Combating Alcoholism has been registered in the Seimas of Poland. The railroad industry's years-long efforts to enable the sale of alcohol at stations may finally be crowned with success.


The military opens recruitment points at railway stations in Poland

Mobile recruiting centers have been opened at several railway stations. The place for their opening is provided on the territory of PKP S.
passenger railcars


PKP Intercity will buy 300 passenger railcars

The press service of PKP Intercity revealed the secret of a large tender for new railcars. There are certain changes in the approach to the contract.
Railway line construction


CPK plans the possibility of extending the fifth line through the territory of Ukraine

The Central Communications Port Company (CPK) is currently in an advanced stage of preparing a feasibility and environmental study for approximately 100 km Line 5.
railway tunnel


The railway tunnel on the line Wroclaw – Jelenia Góra will be rebuilt according to new technology

The railway line Wroclaw - Jelenia Góra plays an important role in the system of national and local communications. A railway tunnel on this line will provide more efficient train traffic.
PKP Group


PKP Group becomes a holding

In August this year, at the headquarters of Polskie Koleje Państwowe SA, the Charter of the PKP Group was signed. Multilateral agreement that completes many years of work on the creation of a holding company for the PKP Group.
Rail border crossing


Malaszewicze is no longer an EU priority

Billions of euros have been invested in Poland's railway network. It is the largest beneficiary of EU funds.
Electric locomotives for sale


PKP Intercity put up for sale 8 EU07 electric locomotives

PKP Intercity wants to sell more EU07 locomotives. This time, the carrier put up for auction 8 electric locomotives, the starting price of which starts from PLN 48 000.
Transport services for the Army


PKP LHS will provide transport services for the Polish Army

PKP LHS will provide transport services for the army. The contract is signed.
Railcars for the Armed Forces


Railcars for the Polish Armed Forces sent to the Czech Republic

Railcars for the Polish Armed Forces, made by FPS H. Cegielski, were sent to the Czech Republic for acceptance tests.
фонд PKP Group Foundation


PKP Group Foundation launched a charity fundraiser for the victims of the war in Ukraine

As a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine, thousands of refugees arrive in Poland every day. Those who remained in their country courageously and selflessly defend their homeland from the aggressor, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing nakolei.
Free rail travel for Ukrainians


Rules for free rail travel for Ukrainians changed in Poland

Since April 1, Poland has adjusted the rules for providing free rail travel for Ukrainian refugees. It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.