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Electrotyazhmash and Turboatom will merge


Electrotyazhmash received the first direct order from Ukrzaliznytsia

Ukrzaliznytsia ordered the repair of seven electric motors from the Kharkov Electrotyazhmash. This is the first direct agreement between the carrier and the company.


ArcelorMittal repaired three TEM2 locomotives

PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih", together with a contractor, completed repairs of 3 locomotives in the railway shop #2: TEM2-9322, TEM2-2203 and TEM2-8680.
ZTRZ signed a contract with a Belgian diesel engine manufacturer


ZTRZ signed a contract with a Belgian diesel engine manufacturer

A contract between Zaporozhye Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant LLC and Anglo Belgian Corporation was signed at the TRANS EXPO ODESSA forum.
Sale and lease of M62 and CME3 diesel locomotives


Sale and lease of M62 and CME3 diesel locomotives

LLC NPP LOCOMOTIVE TRANS SERVICE  (NPP LTS) has been certified for overhaul (KR-1, KR-2), current repairs (TR-1, TR-2, TR-3) and maintenance in the amount of TO-3, TO- 4, TO-5 of all modifications of the following locomotives  series: TGK2, TGM1, TGM23, TGM40, TGM3, TGM4, TGM6, TEM1, TEM2, TEM3, TEM7, TEM15, TEM18, ChME3, 2M62, 2TE116, as well as for the modernization of the listed locomotives.
Modernization of TGM4


Modernization of TGM4 and TEM2 diesel locomotives

The locomotive of the TGM-4 series is well known to the rolling stock fleet owners. And, just like TEM-2, it belongs to the category of "working" locomotives that have reached the point of physical wear and tear.
Solid to tyred wheels wheelset modernization


RWS Market: Solid to tyred wheels wheelset modernization

ZTRZ offers its customers a full range of services for the repair of assemblies and units of diesel locomotives, including solid to tyred wheels wheelset modernization.
Overhaul of auxiliary electrical machines


RWS Market: Overhaul of auxiliary electrical machines

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant provides overhaul of the following auxiliary electrical machines:NB-110, NB-429A, NB-430A, NB-431A, NB-436A, NB-436V, NB-453, NB-455, NB-455A, AE-92-4, AP-81-4, AP-82-4, AS-81-6, AS-82-4 TL-110M, TL-122 P-11M DMK-1/50-U2, DK-405K DT-51 DT-53, DT-61A, DT-63 ETV-20, ETV-21The functionality of the electric locomotive units with the given parameters is provided by various devices and mechanisms.
ZERZ: reducing the rate of repair of electric locomotives


ZERZ: reducing the rate of repair of electric locomotives

ZERZ repaired only two electric locomotives in JulyPicture: ZERZIn July, Zaporizhya Electric Locomotive Repair Plant carried out a major overhaul of two locomotives, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to urm.
LNG freight locomotive


Estonian Operail launches liquefied natural gas freight locomotive

Estonian Operail launches a liquefied natural gas (LNG) freight locomotive. The LNG freight locomotive is expected to begin freight traffic this fall.
TEM2 locomotive modernization


First video review of modernized locomotive TEM2 UM-100 made by LTG Tech (Video)

LTG Cargo has implemented a unique locomotive upgrade: it will run more sustainably and faster.The rolling stock service division of the freight company LTG Cargo, operating under the LTG Tech brand, has substantially renewed the old shunting locomotive - this is the first such project in the Baltic States.
Locomotive remotorization


RWS Market: TGM6 locomotive remotorization

The modernization of the TGM6 diesel locomotive is economically profitable: the purchase of a new diesel locomotive requires at least UAH 60 million.
капитальных ремонтов локомотивов


LTG Cargo has completed overhaul program of Siemens locomotives

LTG Cargo has completed a program of overhaul of Siemens locomotives - the work carried out at its own enterprise LTG Tech (formerly the Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot) saved more than 20 million Euros.