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Czech Vectron locomotives


Czech Vectron locomotives will operate trains for PKP Intercity

On May 26 of this year, a Czech Vectron locomotive test-drove the Silesia train Soon, Vectron locomotives from Czech Railways (CD) will operate trains for the Polish national carrier according to the schedule, as reported by the Railway Supply portal, citing kurier-kolejowy.
CD Cargo


ČD Cargo receives the first Vectron with a diesel module

The other day ČD Cargo received two new Siemens Vectron AC DPM locomotives, which will be used mainly in Austria. For the first time, the livery of the ČD Cargo locomotives features Alpine motifs and the Austrian flag, Railway Supply reported, citing Kurier Koleyowy.


Renovated bridge and tunnel in the Czech Republic

Správa železnic completed the reconstruction of the bridge and tunnel near Děčín. Earlier Thursday, the first freight trains moved through the reconstructed section.


ČD train crashed into a building

On the night of February 7 at about 23:50, a passenger train ČD, following the route from Frydek-Mistek to Cesky Tesin, crashed into a building next to the tracks.


Beer from a mobile minibar on a train breaks popularity records in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, beer sales on the train are breaking records of popularity, bringing in huge profits. This is how the Czechs do business on minibars, showing off the results of sales, according to Railway Supply magazine, citing Nakolei.


ČD announces tender for suburban electric train fleet

The Czech Railways (ČD) has announced a tender for the supply of 90 EMU 400 four-car trains for commuter service on five routes in Prague and Central Bohemia.


Czech Railways refused to modernize Honeckers

České dráhy are abandoning plans to modernize dozens of Bdmtee series cars for use in regional transport. The reason is the insolvency of Tratec-CS, which was supposed to repair them.
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European Commission Closes ČD Pricing Investigation

The European Commission has closed an investigation into national passenger operator ČD's dumping pricing after it concluded the evidence did not support its initial concerns.
CD Cargo


The Czech Railways Authority resumed traffic after the accident

Traffic through the Porzhichany station was resumed on all three tracks after 13:00. After fixing the results of the accident, only one track was used from seven in the morning.


Czech railways deal with the effects of climate change

Czech Railways joined the RETHINK project with a signing ceremony at the French Embassy in Prague. The project brings together large companies operating in the Czech Republic who have decided to work together to find ways to limit climate change and the damage it causes.
ETCS testing


Czech Republic: on-board ETCS compatibility testing

The Czech railway infrastructure operator Správa železnic, together with Siemens and freight operator ČD Cargo, has successfully completed a test of the interoperability of the on-board devices of the European ETCS train control system installed on Vectron locomotives.
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Czech Republic to spend $2.5 billion on railway infrastructure

The main projects are the modernization of the railway junction and the reconstruction of several lines. The main projects are the modernization of the railway junction and the reconstruction of several lines.