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Lithuania stops transit of fertilizers from Belarus


Belarusian railway loses millions of tons of cargo because of the war

Due to the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation and sanctions, the railway of Belarus will lose more than 2 million tons of cargo every month.


Belarus loses good roads and profits

One of the main natural advantages of Belarus is its geographical position. Belarus used this advantage actively, providing transport services itself or giving the opportunity to transport goods through the territory of Belarus to companies from other countries.
Rail partisans


Fire breaks out at Osipovichi station in Belarus. Were it rail partisans?

A fire broke out in the new building of the Linear Center for Railway Transport Services at the Osipovichi-1 station of the Belarusian Railway.
Ammunition at railway stations


RF often leaves “lost” ammunition at the stations of the Belarusian railway

During loading and unloading operations and at the places of movement (stop) of the military echelons of the Russian Federation at the stations of the Belarusian railway, ammunition often remains “lost”.
Export of potassium from Belarus


Potassium from Soligorsk will be exported by “other legal entities”

The export of potassium from Belarus is carried out under exclusive licenses issued by MART based on the decision of the whole Council of Ministers.
Largest railway accident


May 2 marks the 45th anniversary of the largest railway accident in the history of Belarus

May 2, 1977 at 17:10 there was a crash with serious consequences near the waypoint Kryzhovka (Minsk branch of the Belarusian Railway).
Export by railway


The remains of RF Armed Forces broken equipment continue to be exported from the territory of Belarus by railway

A couple of days ago, a train with KamAZ trucks, Urals, pontoon crossings, fuel trucks and caterpillar floating transporters PTS-2 was moving from Belarus in the direction of Bryansk (RF).
Belarusian Railway introduces restrictions


Belarusian Railway introduces restrictions on travel abroad for employees

Some employees of the Belarusian Railways, and especially employees of the Transportation Service, are urged by the management to bring passports for subsequent verification of the presence of visas in the passport.
Launch of the aroexpress train


Launch of aeroexpress train to Minsk Airport suspended

"No one will invest in a project that is not viable. " Work on the launch of the aeroexpress train to Minsk airport has been suspended.
Russian army marauders


Marauders from the Russian army use the forwarding services of the Belarusian Railway

Marauders from the Russian army actively use the forwarding services of the Belarusian Railways to transport loot from Ukraine.
Belarusian railway raises tariffs


Belarusian railway raises tariffs for freight and passenger traffic

Tariffs for railway transportation will rise in Belarus. It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply.
Freight trains with methanol


Freight trains with a lot of methanol go from Russia to Belarus

Once a week from mid-March 2022 to the present day, freight trains consisting only of loaded tanks with Methanol (50-60 wagons) travel from Russia (LLC Shchekinoazot) to Belarus in Baranovichi-Volkovysk-Grodno direction.