Passenger trains have been canceled in northern Sweden. Local operator Vy attributes this decision to security concerns.

Sweden canceled train traffic due to frost

In the coming days in the northern region of Norrbotten, forecasters predict up to -30 ºС. So the local carrier canceled train traffic around the town of Kiruna.

By the way, now there is a polar night there, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Railway news review (08.11 – 14.11.2021)

“Our locomotives and wagons can withstand such temperatures, but trains cover long distances over back country. This means that in the event of a malfunction of rolling stock or infrastructure, it may be difficult to evacuate people. Therefore, for safety reasons, we decided to stop traffic in certain sections,” explained Vy.

The restriction may last until December 9th. In addition, regional operator Norrtåg canceled traffic between Ellivare and Kiruna (Norrbotten region) on 6 December. Instead of trains, people will be delivered by buses.

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