Śrubena Unia Sp. z o.o. has reached 189 years. This is a great opportunity to travel with you on a journey through time and show how a small forge turned into a huge factory of fasteners, recognized all over the world.

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Śrubena Unia Sp. z o.o. is related to the railway industry almost since the creation of the railway in Poland. The company supplies high quality railroad fasteners to manufacturers, suppliers and other railroad companies.

Железнодорожный крепеж Picture: SRUBENA UNIA Sp. z o.o.

Here’s how the company’s history unfolds:

1832. Founding of a forge in the Żywiec-Sporysh region.

Traditions of the Śrubena Unia S.A. factory dates back to 1832, when the owner of Żywiec, Archduke Karl Ludwik Habsburg, founded a forge in Żywiec-Sporysz. This laid the foundation for the company.

1837. Transformation into Zakład Przeróbki Surówki

In 1837, according to a concession document dated July 24, the Żywiec-Sporysz Smithy was transformed into Zakład Przeróbki Surówki. It was named “Huta Fryderyka” in honor of the Archduke Friedrich of Habsburg, who in 1822 bought Zywiecki goods from the Wielopolski family.

1910. Getting started in the fastener industry.

In 1910 the plant was sold to the “First Galician Bolt and Nut Factory” in Auschwitz, owned by the Vienna Joint Stock Company “Breviller-Urban i Syn”. Since then, the plant has started to work in the field of fasteners production;

1912. Foundation of the Austrian joint stock company.

In 1912, the Austrian joint-stock company Fabrykacja rub i Wyrobów Kutych Brewiller i S-ka, A. Urban i Synowie was founded with headquarters in Vienna.

1945. Resumption of production after World War II.

During World War II, 70% of the plant was destroyed, and on July 1, 1945, production was resumed.

1952. Expansion of the machine park

During the times of the Polish People’s Republic, Żywiecka Fabryka Śrub, as a state-owned enterprise, expanded geographically, having received modern technology.

1995. Conversion to a joint stock company

In 1995 Fabryka Śrub was transformed into a joint stock company under the name Fabryka Śrub Śrubena S.A.

1999. Adverse market changes

In 1999, due to many unfavorable market changes, the plant went bankrupt. On the basis of the allocated property of Fabryka Śrub, Śrubena Produ Sp. z o.o. was created. It was managed by the bankruptcy trustee of the company.

2005. Founding of Śrubena Unia S.A.

In July 2005, the plant was bought by a group of investors who formed a joint stock company under the name Śrubena Unia S.A .

2006. Merger of Fabryka Śrub “Śrubena – Produk” Sp. z o.o. with Śrubena Unia S.A.

December 30, 2006 Fabryka Śrub “Śrubena – Produk” Sp. z o.o. merged with Śrubena Unia S.A.

2019. Śrubena Unia Sp. z o.o.

Transformation of Śrubena Unia Spółka Akcyjna into a limited liability company;

Present time. Magnata Holding Group

Currently 100% Śrubena Unii Sp. z o.o. belongs to the Mangata Holding group.

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ŚRUBENA UNIA Sp. z o.o. exports its products to railway companies operating throughout the European Union – the screws are present on tracks and in trains around the world.

Company manufactures: railway screws, alloy bolts, fishbolts, connecting bolts for railroad ties, turnout screws, flange bolts, ribs, hex nuts, flanged nuts, self-locking nuts, as well as other non-standard components.

Fasteners manufactured for the railway industry are widely used in the construction of various types of turnouts, railways, parts of the railway infrastructure, machinery, buildings and many more. These products have extraordinarily good durability parameters. Company can provide both standard screws and fasteners, as well as individual solutions created on the basis of the technical specification of the customer.

Mr. Tadeusz Jopek
Director of Marketing & Sales
mobile: +48 519 134 438
Mrs.Lidia Bialowas
Export Department
mobile: +48 696 598 079

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