SEMZ mastered the repair of traction motors for diesel locomotives EMD, SM42

Smelyanskiy Electromechanical Plant LLC mastered overhaul and production of spare parts for D77 traction motors for EMD locomotives (EMD GT26CW, EMD DDA40X, EMD DDM45, EMD F40PH, EMD SD38, SD39, SD40, SD40-2, SD45-2, EMD SW1500)

repair of traction motors for diesel locomotives

Diesel locomotives from the series of diesel-electric locomotives GT26CW, created by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors for export to Iran, Israel, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, Turkey and Yugoslavia, are successfully produced in different countries under license, thus the Ukrainian manufacturer is expanding the range of its services, opening up new markets and new opportunities.

Traction motor D77

Power (kW): 305; Current (A): 720; Voltage (V): 463; Rotation frequency (rpm): 585; Electric vehicle weight (kg): 3100; Armature weight (kg): 920.

repair of traction motors for diesel locomotives

SEMZ also carries out overhaul of LS430 traction motors for the SM42 diesel locomotive (6DC, 6DD, 6DE, 6DG, 6DH, 6DI, 6DK, 6DL, 6DM, 18D)

The company has a positively stable position in the mechanical engineering market since over the years of its activity it has managed to establish close relations with partners in more than two dozen countries around the world.

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